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LutherOne is a human resource management technology platform that has revolutionized the market, standing out as a comprehensive collaboration and performance tool that offers a variety of features designed to increase employee engagement and productivity.

Adaptable to the specific needs of each organization, anywhere in the world, stands out as differentiating factors:

Engagement surveys

Allows the level of engagement to be measured in real time and supports the identification of areas for improvement.

Performance management

Enables greater clarity and alignment of objectives, as well as effective tracking of individual and team progress.

Skills & Competence Mapping

Allows organizations to identify the existing skills in their teams, as well as the gaps in order to create personalized development plans.


Enables you to cultivate a culture of feedback, collaboration and high performance with the power of continuous feedback.

Internal social network

Provides a platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange between employees, facilitating communication between different departments and teams.

Continuous and 360° feedback

Enables employees to receive and provide regular and constructive feedback.

Digital awards and certificates

Allows you to recognize and reward employees for their contributions and achievements.

Task management

Based on Agile methodologies, it allows a better organization of workflows and time management of teams.

Take your data and turn it into insights, recommendations and predictions for your business!


Bet on a platform that only has advantages for your company!

LutherOne is a continuous data-driven system that significantly increases employee performance and engagement, increasing the productivity of organizations by allowing them to analyze and manage the future today.

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  • On-time monitoring of the team’s and employee’s performance
  • Ability to respond to development needs immediately
  • Alignment of company objectives across the business
  • Management based on transparency and fairness
  • Reduction of the gap between the company’s objectives and the daily work of the teams
  • Reduction of the gap between leadership, board and teams
  • Eliminates barriers to remote working
  • Allows you to integrate day-to-day tasks with performance objectives and focus on results
  • Allows work to be distributed equitably and fairly
  • Higher productivity and better performance
  • Decisions based on real and reliable data
  • Ability to respond to development needs immediately
  • Increased empowerment of leaders to drive improvements, leading by example
  • Insight into the immediate impacts of employees’ actions
  • Culture of continuous development based on feedback
  • Improved collaboration between colleagues and better working relationships
  • Increased engagement
  • Eliminating redundant meetings and improving meeting culture
  • Culture of positive reinforcement
  • Strong understanding of the company’s development needs and areas of strength
  • Continuous skills and competency development
  • Irreplaceable insights into company culture
  • Growth in employee engagement
  • Understanding of company strengths and development needs
  • Solution for individual-specific upskilling and reskilling
  • Modern experience with a continuous 360° approach
  • Talent pipline efficient in terms of management and retention
  • A cohesive and structured recognition program
  • A very strong non-financial motivational solution
  • Ease of finding employees who demonstrate desired behaviors, skills and certifications
  • Way to promote desired traits and behaviors through positive reinforcement
  • Remove barriers to remote working
  • Keep everyone informed, aligned and engaged
  • Facilitate collaboration between colleagues
  • Decrease the volume of ineffective emails and meetings
  • Reduce the burden of hierarchies
  • Fostering a sense of belonging
  • Encourage knowledge sharing
  • Increased productivity and performance

A platform
Endless opportunities

By choosing LutherOne you will be opening the doors to a multitude of exclusive benefits!


wear reduction

5% a 20%

growth in indicators, correlated with high productivity


decrease in absenteeism

8% to 13%

improvement in the perception that leaders have of their teams


of HR leaders believe that continuous feedback and regular check-ins are critical to team success.


higher productivity in companies with a high level of engagement


more customer loyalty in companies with a high level of engagement


lower turnover rate for those who receive consistent feedback


more likely to be productive with daily feedback


retention rate for companies that offer development opportunities

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