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We are an experienced and results-oriented team.

In order to be closer and more focused on our customers and employees, we have created a support team for all business units, not only for Recruitment & Selection but also to support administrative management, wages processing and billing.

This capacity to respond to such different areas with the same level of professionalism and specialization allows us to position ourselves in the market as a reference player in the supply of outsourcing services.


Why choose Knower™’s Outsourcing?

With a personalized service, we dedicate ourselves to fully knowing the organizational culture of each activity and work in alignment with the identity of each business.

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Team / Management

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Cláudia Sobral

Business Director

I am in charge of the support teams for all business units of Knower™. In order to be closer to our customers and employees, we created support teams for R&S and also for Administrative Management, Wages Processing, Billing and Quality.

Inês Carreira

Business Manager

My area of training is Psychology, and more specifically the area of Social and Organizational Psychology.

Bruno Santos


My background is in Safety Studies, currently focused on Occupational Health and Safety. I am currently a member of Knower™'s support teams in the Environment, Quality and Safety areas.

Elsa Pepe

Senior Consultant

I have been at the Wellow™ group for about 4 years, and 2 years at Knower™, and I can say it is like a second family.

Patrícia Pinto


I finished my Master's degree in Health Psychology in 2017 at ISPA-Instituto Universitário, and joined the Human Resources area in 2021.

Inês Conceição


I finished my Master’s degree in Human Resources Management in December 2022 and started working at Knower Projects S.A in February 2023, through a professional traineeship, as a consultant, being part of the Human Resources team.

Joana Cunha


After completing my degree, I started my journey in the Group in 2017 with a professional internship.

André Amaral

André Amaral


Luís Lobo


I have been a Controller at Knower™ since December 2020 and am part of the Billing team.

Daniel Nicolau

Senior Consultant

Before arriving at Knower™, I embraced several professional challenges.

Tiago Esteves

Chief Sales Officer

I have been with the Wellow™ Group since 2010, initially on recruitment, later on the commercial department.

Mariana Rocha

Senior Consultant

My journey in this company began in 2019. And how dynamic it has been!

Inês Oliveira

Senior Procurement Consultant

I have been working at Knower™ since September 2023, where I am a Senior Procurement Consultant.

Aliria Viante


I've had a law degree since 2013 and have never worked in this area. I've always embraced the human resources area, which has been my challenge over the years.

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