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Knower™ is part of Wellow™, a Portuguese business group that manages a diversified portfolio of businesses in Human Resources, Outsourcing, Energy & Telecommunications and Mediation.

Present all over the national territory, with a portfolio of over 900 customers and more than 5,000 active employees, we have brands such as Header™, Talenter™, Knower™, Futurcabo®, Exato® Seguros and Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Atlantic Portugal.

Present in the market for over 20 years and with a turnover of more than EUR 95 million, we contribute every day to a more diverse and sustainable society.

Agility, Experience and Humanity are the values that guide us and are at the basis of a unique cultural background, which characterizes us and makes us very proud.

More than 900 Customers
More than 5000 Collaborators
More than 20 years on the Market

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More than a goal, it is a path.

We are committed to increasing sustainable acts and behaviors, inspiring others in this journey of making sustainability a priority: for the people, the planet and the communities where we operate.



The respect for the planet and the awareness that small actions may have big consequences are fundamental to our organization. We aspire to be part of the process and to do so we bring environmental awareness to our daily lives and to our businesses.



We believe that having a profession and working is a structuring pillar of being human, since it creates a sense of purpose and responsibility towards others. Therefore, we also believe that we all deserve to have a positive experience at work – in good health, with conditions and dignity.



Having a diverse team is fundamental for the innovative capacity of any organisation. The entire talent management process must take diversity and inclusion into account, from the recruitment, development and training policies to the retention processes.


One firmly-rooted principle of the company is that we should contribute to enrich the community. We are a socially responsible organisation with projects that bring us closer to the communities we serve and add to their development and success.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We Say Hello To Everyone

At the Wellow™ Group we believe we have an added responsibility in creating a labor market that is open to all talent, regardless of the ethnicity, age, gender identity, nationality, origin, political, religious or sexual orientation, barriers to expression or physical boundaries.

The We Say Hello to Everyone label reinforces the Wellow™ Group’s commitment to the merit of those who seek to be a better version of themselves every day and materializes our ambition to contribute to an employment market where competence and potential are the protagonists and uniqueness is celebrated.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are aware of the power of a shared dream

To build solutions for the social problems of the communities where we operate, we combine our capacity and energy. We know that local action has a transforming impact on the lives of all those involved and we work with private and public entities towards the promising future that everyone deserves.
Wellow™’s Corporate Social Responsibility is based on three action pillars: Empowerment, Employability and Voluntary Work.

Corporate Voluntary Work

We value service to the communities where we operate.

Being a Wellow™ employee means being at the service of others and that’s why all our people have at least 4 hours a year to dedicate to corporate responsibility projects. Organized by the Wellow™ Society or individually, the important thing is that everyone can make use of the volunteer bank of hours.


We are certified by ISO 9001:2015 (Quality) and ISO 14001:2015 (Environment).

Certifications are the consequence of having an integrated and transformative agenda, which inspires us to respond by improving the way we deal with business, governance, opportunity and compliance issues.

Opinions, Suggestions or Complaints

Do you have an opinion, suggestion or complaint? Share it with us!

We are committed to the continuous improvement of our services and believe that all feedback is helpful in this endeavor.

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