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Outsourcing cleaning services

We are a cleaning services Outsourcing company.

The work methodologies and the good cleaning practices we implement in the projects developed allowed us to obtain the Knower™ Quality Seal for general cleaning, end-of-site cleaning, disinfection and spraying/misting services tailored to the companies’ needs, using certified products and teams of experienced and specialized professionals.

We operate in the most diverse sectors of activity, including hospitals, hotels, factories, commercial spaces, industrial spaces, offices, etc. We currently have more than 800 collaborators in Cleaning projects in the various areas in which we operate.

We work with tangible targets and focus on meeting well-defined indicators. That allows the quality of our service to be checked and confirmed to the satisfaction of our customer.

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Knower™ has been operating cleaning services for over 10 years.

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Team / Management

We are specialists in
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Carlos Muxagata

Business Director

Human resources professional with over 10 years of experience in team and project management, human resources consulting and talent retention.

Estela Camacho


I started my journey at the Wellow™ Group in 2014 as a collaborator in the hospitality industry.

Helena Rodrigues

Project Specialist

I have been in the cleaning business for over 25 years and I have no doubt it is what I most enjoy doing.

Sandra Oliveira

Project Specialist

I began my professional life in the early 1990s in multinational companies in the areas of Logistics, Operations and Travel.

Margarida Silva


I'm Margarida Silva and I'm part of Knower™ Clean. I finished my degree in sociology in 2020 and the following year I started my career at Knower by joining the Knower Care team.

Olga Cordeiro

Project Specialist

An experienced professional who has stood out over the last 20 years for her outstanding coordination and supervision of hospital cleaning and hygiene teams.

Cláudia Raimundo


I started out my professional career in the Wellow™ Group and since then I’ve acquired knowledge in a diverse range of fields.

Daniela Soares


I have a degree in human resources management and organizational behavior and am now starting my career at Knower™.

What differentiates us

  • We work with clear and well-defined objectives, aligned with our customers’ quality indicators
  • We manage teams with humanism and proximity. We guarantee increasing quality in the services we provide
  • We are flexible and have an excellent ability to adapt
  • We listen to our customers and find the best solutions under a partnership approach
  • The effective management of Knower™ Clean is due to the company’s commitment to quality, and the projects we develop are a showcase of the pride we feel in the work produced and the excellence of our service.


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