Talent Retention – Customer Experience

Over the last two decades, the need to provide effective and efficient services to customers has become more pressing. In Contact Center Services, even more so, due to the effects on the customer loyalty experience.

Talent identification has been sustained by employee performance through performance management systems, but talented employees need to feel valued and that their contribution makes a difference.

For these reasons and for what I will mention below, employee retention in Contact Center is and will be increasingly challenging, especially since this is an area where there is higher turn-over compared to other services.

Therefore, there is a need to outline career management projects that allow identifying, developing and motivating the assets that stand out the most within the organization to perform growing roles within it.

There are several articles that argue that talent management should always be based on a careful objective assessment, support for management decisions (feedback’s to the employee; daily dynamics with compliance with KPI’s (Key Performance Indicator’s). However, professional development, flexible working hours, support for mental and physical health are becoming increasingly important in the attempt to retain the best professionals, as employees are increasingly willing to take risks to find what they consider to be the right conditions for them in the labor market.

Moreover, in order to be able to bet on professional development, it is necessary to create a set of benefits at the level of training offer that bet on the optimization of skills and knowledge, as well as to provide positive and out-of-the-box experiences to employees in order to keep them motivated and engaged with the company and the function they perform. The attitudes, character and energy of the leaders, with involvement and passage of knowledge in-loco and on a daily basis, are of the utmost importance, also avoiding the inertia of the routine of the task assigned to the employee.

Following this guideline, it is concluded that, in the Contact Center sector, the active voice of the employee and the importance of active listening by the leadership, in order to understand their needs, motivations and / or aspirations for career progression and that, despite the importance of technologies, these are only a complement, but that even so, only by betting on people will we be able to attract and retain the right talent.

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