Recruitment in the logistics area

Recruitment in the area of logistics and industry is extremely comprehensive, involving different service areas, such as the most diverse sectors of activity among which industry, distribution, fleets, transport and warehouses, maintenance, among others.

Being a growing area, with the increase in trade, through digital platforms, supply chains also have a need to keep up with this process.

However, the market is increasingly demanding, and with it, so are the people recruited.

Competition is increasing and recruiters are working through the great challenges that the market is going through in attracting human capital.

So what is the strategy to use? The COVID-19 pandemic ended up opening a new window of opportunity in labor methodologies, if before the trend was to be away from home all day, currently, according to APOL (Portuguese Association of Logistics Operators), one of the strategies that the logistics market can use to become more attractive, will be to offer, for positions that may be eligible for it, the possibility of maintaining remote work, and with the increasing increase in the prices of goods and services, workers are grateful.

The demands on our customers make me unravel every day, which makes my activity rich and challenging.

Because in the end and despite being a cliché, companies are indeed people!

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