Importance of Technological Innovation

It is easy to confuse innovation with technology, given that major innovations are directly linked to the emergence of new technologies, which are most often essential to drive progress.

While technology consists of the tools and systems we use to solve problems or accomplish tasks, innovation is the process of creating something new or improving something that already exists in order to add value, become more useful or efficient.

Putting the two concepts together, I can say that technological innovation plays a crucial role in the way we live, preserve and communicate in society today and is very important in the most varied sectors.

In the business, organizational and institutional sector, technological innovation, for example through specific programs and software that help control merchandise, product verification, communication between employees and customers and financial management, is essential for reducing errors and helping to optimize processes, automate tasks and reduce the time and resources needed to complete them, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity. The way we communicate, connect mobile and share information has also been transformed thanks to the internet, social networks and devices. I see daily in the company, the speed with which a deal is done using communication platforms, without the need for all the logistics of scheduling a face-to-face meeting, and the digital signature of contracts that facilitate the whole process.

Through the creation of new markets, products and services and the creation of job opportunities, technological innovation is a driver of economic growth, as a recruiter in the IT area, the remote work regime is a current reality and which I foresee more and more certainly not future that allows me to select profiles to work in the national and international market almost immediately.

At a social level, technological innovation makes it possible to anticipate and face some challenges in the most diverse areas, such as natural disasters (through warning systems that allow forecasting leading to the mitigation of consequences), health (for example in obtaining diagnoses, carrying out procedures with greater security and accuracy, teleconsultations), among others.

Technological innovation also increases our quality of life in several areas, for example in the area of health, in addition to quality of life, the average life expectancy has also increased, diseases that were so far fatal have died chronically or a cure has already been found and diseases that that affected daily life were treated to minimize their symptoms. In the area of agriculture, technological innovation made it possible, for example, to take agricultural production to areas hitherto considered arid and to increase the quantity and quality of crops. The current development of innovative technologies for fuel reduction leads to the mitigation of climate change, and brings health benefits.

I brought just a few examples that show how the impact of technological innovation is present in countless areas of our daily lives and is essential for the advancement of society and to improve the well-being of people around the world, it has the potential to transform our lives and tackle some of the world’s most important challenges sustainably and efficiently.

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